Defensible Space Services


Diversified Resources Inc. is a licensed and insured defensible space contractor located in Northern California that offers a wide variety of defensible space services to protect your home, business and property this wildfire season.  Our team of experienced forestry professionals can assist you with determining what vegetation management process is best for your needs.

Why you need a defensible space to protect you from forest fires

Defensible space clearance is the safe area around your home that has been cleared or thinned in order to reduce the effects of wildfire.  Your home is more likely to survive a devastating wildfire if proper defensible space is cleared around your structures. California law requires that homeowners in SRA clear out flammable materials such as brush or vegetation around their buildings to 100 feet (or the property line) to create a defensible space buffer. This helps halt the progress of an approaching wildfire, keeps firefighters safe while they defend your home, and helps to minimize the spread of fire to neighboring buildings.  

Our Process

There are a number of techniques used when creating a defensible space on your property and every property is different.

Step 1: Walk the Property to expose potential wildfire hazards

The first step in determining what is needed on your property is to get out and walk.  We will walk your property and identify any potential hazards.

Step 2: Review options with owner

Once our evaluation is completed we will work with you to determine the appropriate fuel reduction technique(s) for your property.  Some common fuel reduction methods include:

  • Removing unhealthy vegetation in order to minimize disease, Bark Beetle infestation
  • Remove pine needles around structures
  • Remove flammable vegetation around your structures
  • Removal of dead or dying trees and brush to reduce the fuels for potential wildfire
  • Elective tree removal and thinning
  • Removal of ladder fuels
  • Thinning of brush and trees around your structures

Step 3: Schedule Defensible Space Services

We will begin working once we have reviewed your options and come to agreements.  In addition, we will review importance of maintaining defensible space, not only for reducing fire, but for the health of the forest and habitat.

If you wish to schedule an appointment for one of our forestry professionals to check your property, contact us at (530) 375-7711 or fill out the form here

Our primary treatment method

Our primary treatment method for creating a defensible space is called Mastication.  What is mastication?  Thinking of it in terms of forestry, we “chew” or “grind” woody vegetation with machinery.